This is Listen

Our mission is to give everyone, everywhere an attractive, affordable and easier access to great hearing.

We believe normal hearing should be a possibility for everyone. Not just for the ones who have the most. Hearing challenges have no boundaries, neither should the solutions.

We bring the world of sounds back into your life

Conferences & lectures

Hear the speaker loud and clear in any conference, lecture or seminar.

Café conversations

If you enjoy meeting friends at cafes and restaurants but can´t listen to conversation properly due to background noise, MobileEars is just the friend in need.

Business meetings

MobileEars can help you catch everything clearly during meetings and stay ahead of the competition.

Watching TV

Avoid turning the volume up so high that it annoys everyone else.

Concerts & Theatre

Hear the what happens on stage loudly and clearly.


Hear everything when you have quality time with your friends and family.

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